Hello World! Hello Lubith!

I am content to finally see this project coming to life. I have been working on and improving Lubith since 2007 and of course, it has been through different stages and changes. Now you can find Lubith in its current form on lubith.com. I hope you find it useful.

Lubith came to life because of my desire to optimize my work as a web programmer. I wanted to find a faster way to create layouts for web sites according to the graphic provided by the web designer. I had a browse for solutions on the internet but the instruments I found were not good enough. On these grounds I decided to spend some time in creating Lubith’s first version, which was very simple. I could change the width and height of the main elements, colors, fonts, and others, and only in one form. Lubith would automatically take on the specified background’s images from a folder. According to the dates given my first version of Lubith would generate a WordPress theme, hence my work was 90% done. I just had to make little adjustments. This turned out to be fantastic because I only had to spend little time on creating a theme!

Acknowledging that I might not be the only one in need of such an instrument I started working on a much better version which is available to the public now. I held on to the idea of a browser application as it is ideal to create your own layout right there where it functions. Moreover, this will lead to a broader and easier availability as it can run on many operating systems.

Lubith finds itself still in beta stage, a lot of options were inserted and it is still possible to encounter some bugs. Please send me feedback. I prefer constructive feedback to critique so that I can improve this great application from which we shall all benefit.

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10 Responses to Hello World! Hello Lubith!

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  3. Jose Maria says:

    The first to congratulate you for the incredible work done as it is fantastic.
    I am a web designer and is the best tool I could wish, congratulations.
    Two questions:
    • You can add a second area of Widgets?
    • You can edit other themes than Twenty Ten?

    Excuse me but do not speak English, I use a translator.

  4. Victor says:

    Soon we’ll have a theme gallery available and you will be able to choose some other designs as starting point.

    The second widgets area can not be edited in Lubith.

    [UPDATE] The second widget area is now available.

  5. Raymond says:

    Lubith looks absolutely incredible. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I added a page at The Website Creator about Lubith: http://thewebsitecreator.com/wordpress-theme-generator

    The best of luck to you!

  6. SureFire says:

    Holy awesomeness this is! I just noticed one bug but this is really really cool. Just please don’t do something like the leafs in headway, please stay simple and wordpress focussed! Nice Stuff!

  7. johnbmull says:

    I was hoping to review your application, but alas, I am using an iPad only for computing. I wanted to look at the tutorial, but YouTube has it up as a Flash video, so it failed for me…

    Is there a way to make your site more open to portable tablet users?


    • Victor says:

      Sorry to hear that, we didn’t forget the tablet users but Lubth is still in the beginning, we are planning to offer the touch support even before Internet Explorer compatibility. I wish to see it working on iPad this year along with a non flash alternative for the videos.

      This is the link of the video on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCa6e4qN7cI

  8. orwell says:

    Great work, but a lot of questions. Why dont u make a vid how wo make your lubith -theme perfect? Step by step? How to add the 3 columns in your start-site? How to ad the button and ne nice art-graphic in your front page? -Seems its to make in the wordpress theme from backend, – but i think its better to provide ALL of this, – not only a part. -For us dummies… :)

    Great work, -good luck and a lot of donations and publicity.

  9. Victor says:

    I hope many tutorials will come soon. We are not such a big team so we have to do it one by one.

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