New Version ( – New Features

Starting with this version our members may choose to became a Pro Member. Pro Members  have acces to some extra features.

What’s new:

- Work with multiple themes (Pro Members only)
- Thumbnail creation (Pro Members only)
- Custom theme details (such as: name, url, author)
- Generate restorable themes (Pro Members only)
- Load restorable themes to editor.
- Extra Page templates such as: Page without comments, Content without sidebar, Automatic sitemap, Members only. (Pro Members only)
- Style generation for WordPress admin editor (Pro Members only)
- Improvements and bug fixes for theme generation.

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3 Responses to New Version ( – New Features

  1. Lesley says:

    Hi Victor

    Are Google Web Fonts available yet in Lubith? You said in September 2011: ‘available soon’. Or, once the Lubith theme is made and exported, can we edit fonts from within WordPress?

    Unless I’m being stupid, I can’t see a ‘search’ in the forum, otherwise I would have looked for references to fonts in previous posts, in case someone else has asked this question recently.


  2. Victor says:

    Thank you for pointing out the search issue, now it works :)

    Google fonts are not yet available in Lubith. We are a little bit behind the schedule with the new version, sorry for this.

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