Lubith has now become a more powerful editing tool!

Lubith, The WordPress theme generator has been enhanced with a major update and now it is provided with many new features.

Explore new options like the extended Typography. It includes over 400 Fonts whose various properties can be changed, expanding the editor’s flexibility. In the new version of Lubith, these are: Font Family (over 400), Text Color, Text Alignment (Left, Center, Right, Justify), Font Variant (Bold, Italic), Size, Decoration (Underline, Line-Through), Transform (Uppercase, Lowercase, Small-caps), Letter SpacingWord SpacingLine Height. Some of the Fonts contained provide support for the following scripts: Latin Extended, Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese (script support is still beta).

Also, the Opacity tool is more advanced in the latest version of Lubith: you can change opacity to background, text or border (text opacity and border opacity have no support from IE8 and lower).

The background image positioning option helps you find the exact look for your design: you can precisely position an image after it’s been uploaded as an element’s background, by vertical/horizontal alignment or through pixels.

You can now enjoy Lubith’s redesigned menu: You can have your editing options always in your sight by using the new detachable, options boxes, so you can easier make the required modifications without accessing each time the main menu. Lubith is now more intuitive and interactive: it is provided with intelligent mouse prediction in order to prevent accidental mouseover.

Another available feature is the advanced theme menu customization. The menu can be centered or right-aligned. It also has the possibility of modifiable submenus.

The new version of Lubith also has an improved CSS engine. An important bug fix has been made related to links’ inheritance.

If you have any questions or problems, we provide you with new tutorials in order to better understand the functioning of Lubith and to enhance at the same time your editing skills and designing efficiency.

Please use our Tutorials and Forum services put at your disposal. We will gladly offer you the necessary support.

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