New Version Update (1.2.2)

This is a minor version update (1.2.2) with some bug fixes:

- Attachment page bug that makes all page move to left.
- “Page without comments” template still showing comments issue.
- Image width bug that prevent an image to have the same width as the content area.
- Fix padding issue on menu buttons.

We concentrate all our efforts on the new version (2.0.0). This future major release will bring new important features such as adding unlimited custom elements, creation of custom page templates, responsive theme and many others.

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10 Responses to New Version Update (1.2.2)

  1. Mario says:

    When will it be ready in version 2.0?

  2. Victor says:

    I hope to be online by the end of this year.

  3. Looking SOOOOO much forward to a new version. Since yearly springtime the comments from you guys have been “We have a major update coming, just wait few month…”
    My oneyear-subscription runs out soon. And seroiously, I wont continue if nothing happens…. We NEED an upgrade to solve known problems…. PLEASE!

    • Mads says:

      Just my words…. Early january my one-year subscription ends, andf if nothing has happend by then, I’m off….
      The whole idea with Lubith is great, but it lacks in many details… And I do believe that you guys are aware of it, and Im convinced that you are able to do it even better….
      But I agree. We have been waiting and waiting, and nothing really happens…. Let us see the V2 soon!

  4. Mads says:

    Wow, I just realised that my annual membership was auto-renewed without warning…. And I still wait for your update, that has beeen ‘on the way’ for month and month…
    Please, will you guys give us a realistic ETA for the upcomming release of a new version? I have now (without being asked) renewed my annual membership (more than 100US$), so please give us the value we deserve! The sooner the better!
    My last comment from december 15 is still “awaiting moderation”??. What is happening?

  5. Victor says:

    Dear Mads, I understand your frustration. I’m really sorry for delaying this new release. We have completely rewrite the new version in order to overcome some current limitations. The new features that we’ve added have rise new issues and the volume of work became much bigger than we expected. Yet we are a very small team and the progress was slow. Now we are very close, I’m afraid to estimate again a release date but I believe it will be soon. We are working hard here.

    Regarding the membership. Being subscription based, it will renew automatically. However you can cancel anytime or ask for a refund.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  6. Hi Victor,

    Thanks for your reply. And thanks for your explanation :-)
    I still realy miss the new version, but your words has comfort me a bit for now, so my patience is back!
    Looking so much forward to the new version!
    Stay focused and enjoy the job!
    :-) Mads

  7. Hi again,

    It is now more that 12 month (1 year) ago that Victor wrote:
    “Now we are very close, I’m afraid to estimate again a release date but I believe it will be soon. We are working hard here.”

    I dont know how to understand “… it will be soon.”
    I was expecting ‘soon’ to be far more quick than more than a whole year!?

    I am still looking in vain to see ANY updates ANYWHERE???
    What is your staus for LUBITH?
    Will you let it die, as it is becomming more and more out-dated?
    Or will you re-vitalise the concept with a new version?

    After Victors kind and promising words in his reply to my earlier post, I did not cancel my membership.
    But since then NOTHING has happend???
    Or am I overlooking something here?

    Would very much appreciate an update an a status on the release of an update!

    :-) Mads

  8. Victor says:

    I’m really sorry for making a wrong release estimation and give you false hope… At that moment I was not aware about the difficulties that will follow.

    I believe we’ve tried to do a much better version and we found ourselves facing a huge work volume.

    This delayed everything a lot… and also some financial difficulties followed and we had to stop the development for a while.

    The good news is that we started to work again. Version 2 is 90% ready, I’ll not make an estimation again but we are doing our best to release it as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much for supporting this project.

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