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You were probably wondering why it take us so long to release a new version. We already started to work on the next version which is based on your feedback and thus we want to make a much better Lubith. In order to include all the new features required by our users, we’ve realized that we have to completely rewrite the application. We didn’t want just to patch the old one but to make a better one instead and to overcome most of the current limitations. We’ve created a new architecture and started to work on it. But being a team of two people, we find ourselves facing a huge work volume. After a time, we started to face financial difficulties. We’ve realised that we are not able to complete such a huge task, just by ourselves.

From the beginning we wanted to make this tool available for everyone. Lubith is mainly a free tool. We would say that you get 95% of Lubith for free and 100% as a Pro Member.

We have about 90 000 users of which 99% are using the application for free.

We’ve chosen this kind policy but, unfortunately, it proves that having just a small number of paying users is not enough to sustain Lubith’s development.

An important part of the new version is already done, completely rewritten with a much advanced HTML and CSS engine. I hardly wait to show it to you. You can find more information on the crowdfunding campaign page.

If you like this project and you want it to be much better please support us now, we need your help. Any contribution would be appreciated, any amount, it could be as low as $1, it will make a difference.

We’ve started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, please open this link and support us:

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