Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Lubith Do?

Lubith generates WordPress themes. WordPress isn’t only a blog platform, it’s also a very advanced CMS (Content Management System). Thanks to the very advanced admin panel and the possibility of being extended by plugins, WordPress is a great platform for websites or blogs.

How Can I Use The Themes Generated By Lubith?

See a step by step tutorial here.

Can I sell or distribute for free a theme created with Lubith?

The generated theme is released under GPL license (, so you can do whatever you want with it. You can modify the theme, sell it or distribute it for free, as long as you keep the same license. The theme has the same license for free and Pro accounts.

How Do I Install My Theme In WordPress?

1. From WordPress admin panel, go to the Appearance ->Themes.
2. Click the Install Themes tab (at the top).
3. Click the Upload link.
4. Browse for the the zip file downloaded from Lubith and click Install Now button.
5. Click the Activate theme link to activate the theme.

Can I Edit The Text?

The text can’t be edited in Lubith. The text that you see when you edit the theme has only a demonstrative purpose; it will not appear on your website. The entire content is managed by WordPress, entering and editing your content will be done from the WordPress admin panel.

Can I Come Back Later To Work On My Theme?

For the Pro Members, the themes are kept on the server during the Membership.
For the free accounts, every theme is being kept on server for 7 days and then it will be erased.

Can I Edit A Theme That I’ve Already Generated?

Pro Members can edit the themes during their Pro membership.
Free Members can edit a theme within 7 days.

Can I Work On More Themes Simultaneously?

Pro Members can work with as many themes as they want.
Free Members can work with one theme only.

How do I cancel my Pro Membership subscription?

Payments and subscriptions are handled by BlueSnap (formerly Plimus). You can cancel a subscription at any time:

1. By calling BlueSnap customer support team to: 1-866-312-7733.

2. Using BlueSnap online customer support form.

3. Simply by sending an email to

After canceling the recurring payments, the Pro Membership remains active until it reaches its expiry date. For example, if you purchase a six month Pro Membership and then choose to cancel it, the membership will remain active until the end of the 6 month period.