How a Website Works and Why Do I Need Web Hosting?
Learn how web pages work. Here are the basic terms and stages of the process.

What is Content Management System?
CMS is a software system that allows you to modify, administer and publish the content of a website.

Why WordPress?
WordPress is a CMS perfectly capable of keeping up with your growing needs.

What Lubith Does
Lubith helps you to personalize your site without any outside help, without knowing programming language or using codes.

How To Make A Website With WordPress And Lubith
The basics steps you need to follow in order to have your own functional website.

What Browser Should I Use?
Find out what browsers work best with Lubith.

Editing With Lubith

What is an Element?
An HTML element is an individual component of a web page. HTML documents (web pages) are composed of a tree of elements.

Understanding the Structure
In order to facilitate your work, you need to understand the structure of the layout elements and how they work.

Properties Inheritance
Through inheritance certain properties can be transmitted from element to element, by descent.

Each element of the structure can be selected, allowing you afterwards the possibility to change its properties.

Menu Options
A list of the editing sections of Lubith.

Menu Options

Under the File option of the menu, you can find commands concerning theme management.

By using the Background option of the main menu you can customize the background of each selectable element.

From the Type option of the menu you can customize the text contained by certain elements.

Border & Other Tools

Learn how to add custom borders. From the Tools option you can expand the padding area and add/ remove elements from the layout.

Outside Lubith

How to edit from WordPress
Learn the basics of WordPress.

Child Themes
The Best Practice for Custom Changes Outside Lubith

How To Make a Child Theme

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