Under the FILE option of the menu, you can work with the following commands concerning theme management:

- Save: save your work as you go along so that at the next Login you can continue what you designed so far. Working directly in the browser makes your work much easier. No matter where you are you can work on your WordPress theme without needing your personal computer or file storage.
*Note: By using a free account, if you don’t make changes to your theme for a period longer than 7 days, it will be deleted from the server. This helps us avoid unused accounts and unnecessary file storage.

- Reset: reset your theme to the default layout in order to start a new design

- New Theme: an option available for PRO accounts which allows you to work on multiple themes. Users with a regular membership can work with one theme, which is kept on the server for a period of 7 days (from the last save).
This is a very helpful option if you manage multiple WordPress sites to which you want to assign different themes. Also it can be used by web designers who need to work on several projects for multiple clients.

- Duplicate: make a duplicate of your theme so that you can create different versions of the same design. Available for PRO users.

- My Themes: a place where you can store your themes that you’re working on. Go to My Themes, choose a project and continue to customize it as you please. An option for PRO accounts.

- Theme Details: set the details for your theme – the theme’s name, URI, author, tags. If the theme customized by you was designed originally by somebody else, you can mention here the author and the link of the original design.

- Restore: you can upload a Lubith theme generated by using a PRO account. Click upload and select the downloaded PRO theme that you wish to change or customize.