How to edit from WordPress

In order to use the themes generated by Lubith, you must use WordPress. WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS). With Lubith, you control the graphics. With Wordress, you manage the content (edit text, images, videos, widgets).

Basics of WordPress

Posts vs. Page

Blog entries are called posts and have a chronological alignment. Pages contains static content (the content does not change), and have no connection with the date.

Page Templates

Page Templates dictate the basic layout of a page or post. They use the default template, but for special pages, you can use a custom page template.

Editing Posts and Pages

From the Administration panel on the left side click Posts. You can Add New posts or edit an existing one. The same goes for pages.

From the right panel you can preview your post, save it as a draft for yourself or save and publish by pressing the Publish button. If you want to edit an already published post, don’t forget to hit update when you finish editing.

To add media to a post, click on “Upload/Insert” media link above the toolbar.

FYI: If you copy/paste content from another application such us Word, use the “Paste as Plain Text” option to avoid any incompatibility issues.