By using the Type option of the menu you can customize the text contained by certain elements.

Select an element containing text. Go to Type.

Select Text Style to change the Font that you want to use or some other properties.

Lubith includes over 400 Fonts whose various properties can be changed. In the Fonts section of the Text Style dialog box, you can search for a certain font by writing it or by selecting a certain category: Serif, Sans, Display, Handwriting. Also you can select the scripts that you want your new font to support. Some of the Fonts contained by the new Lubith version provide support for the following scripts: Latin Extended, Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese (beta version). Some fonts are available only for Lubith PRO users.

In the Properties section of the Font dialog box, you can change some of the font’s properties:

- Font Variant (Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold- Italic)
- Decoration (None, Underline, Overline, Line-Through)
- Transform (Capitalize, Uppercase, Lowercase, Small-caps)
- Font Size
- Letter Spacing
- Word Spacing
- Line Height.

In the Shadow section of Text Style you can choose to Drop Shadow on text. Additional settings are: Shadow Color, Opacity, Horizontal / Vertical Position, Blur Radius.

Each of the font properties listed above can be inherited separately (see Inheritance) from the parent section, using the Inherit button.

From the previous Type dialog box, the properties that you can change are Text Color, Text Opacity, Font Size, Decoration and Text Alignment.

*Note: Font Size and Variant are available here too in order to make it easier for the user to work with the detachable cassettes. Size and Variant are more used options and they have to be easy to access. Also, in the Type dialog box, the Font Size option is more limited- it goes up to 32px. In the Font dialog box it goes up to 72px.