Understanding the Structure

Lubith uses a standard structure that contains four main elements: header, content, footer and the container which holds the first three elements. The page content and widgets (sidebar) use the same structure.

Elements of the overall structure:

body is the site’s background (html body) which contains the main-container

main-container defines the page and contains the following:

main-header is the upper section which contains logo, site title, description and navigation.
main-content is the main content area and houses the content and the widgets.
main-footer is the bottom section that displays the site’s info.

The main-content contains the following:

entry-container holds the content of pages and posts.

entry-header is the page title.
entry-content is the body text.
entry-footer can include a closing image for a content box.

*A post may also include some meta info areas to display date, author, categories, etc.

widget-container is the sidebar. It holds the widgets, additional navigation and information.

widget-header is the widget title.
widget-content is the widget content.
widget-footer can include a closing image for the widget.