What Browser Should I Use?

Web applications require a browser in order to function. Lubith is a complex web application which requires a browser with the newest web standards. Depending on the browser, some standards can be differently implemented or completely left out by older versions. Therefore, Lubith can not be made compatible with all browsers.

Lubith’s editor supports only ChromeFirefox and Safari, however Lubith generated Themes are compatible with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera.

Google Chrome

We recommend Google Chrome as your first browser choice for Lubith. By using Lubith with this browser you will get the best user experience because it is fast, simple, user-friendly and everything works as it should.


Firefox is an excellent browser with well implemented web standards.
One drawback, however, is that it uses a bigger memory footprint than the WebKit-based browsers such as Chrome and Safari.


Safari like Chrome uses the WebKit engine. For this reason, they have many similarities when it comes to rendering pages. We observed that Safari sometimes, although rarely, has problems with Ajax calls and times out or hangs during file uploads.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has some issues with web standards, and it was not considered an option for Lubith Editor.

Lubith editor could function with Internet Explorer, but in order to assure compatibility, many special patches must be created. Internet Explorer 9 made a big step compared to its older versions but it still lacks some features provided by Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Note: We are making this browsers comparison only in relation to Lubith editor.